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Black metal is a pretty slippery beast; some people think it died once Varg got to jail and Euronymous was killed, while others carry on in other veins of black metal. Some people like Watain's frontman Erik Danielsson is of the persuasion that one must live black metal in order to be black metal… which is pretty extreme.

In an interview with DeadRhetoric.com, Erik Danielsson got asked what exactly what makes one black metal and if it goes beyond just the music. Here's what he said to start off the conversation:

"Black metal music is music that, in essence, is diabolical and has diabolical energies and that is where the definition lies to me. Incorporating elements like keyboards… it only takes away from the diabolical aspect of it, because we're talking about the wild, the untamed, ferocious, predatory aspect of it, the tribe within this music. You cannot really get into that permutation with those things if you have a sound that opposes those things."

I can get behind that; the forefathers of the genre sounded like what he's describing. Black metal was all about expression and total hatred, almost revolution in a way against the powers that be (and Christianity in the Scandinavian countries). So far we're on the right track! Then we get a little strange:

"What I can say with black metal is that it's as much about ideology and spiritually and if those things are real, they'll reflect in everything else. Especially aesthetics and the way people appear. For me, the concept of performing black metal in jogging pants and jogging shoes and a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt is impossible; it's not meant to be that way. To me, it's an art form that demands everything. If you want to be in a black metal band, you take yourself as an adversary of society, because that's what black metal is. That has to go beyond just playing songs. That has to reflect on every aspect of your life if you really want to place your focus on this movement."

You may recall we reported last week that Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes was set to go to French court as the government is charging him with "inciting racial hatred and exalting war crimes on the Internet." Turns out Varg has some time to breathe as the trial won't start until next summer. 
​ The trial was originally set for this Thursday, October 24th but has been pushed back. Now the BBC reports the trial has been set for June 2014. This is due to Varg's lawyer requesting more time to prepare his defense.
​ Varg, previously has said he plans to sue the French government for wrongful arrest, although as we previously reported France has very strict anti-hate laws, which Varg undoubtedly defied with his xenophobic rants

     Nicolas Cage Is a Black Metal                    Fan, His Son Reveals

"He's really appreciated that sort of music," young Cage said. "Him and I have had conversation about black metal before. At first he was like 'What does it promote?' and I just gave him an idea of what we're trying to do and he said 'Well that sounds very honest.' He likes Darkthrone and he likes Satyricon as well," he concluded. Weston was a member of Eyes of Noctum, a black metal act based in LA and is currently working on a solo project called Allone. Darkthrone released their latest studio record "The Underground Resistance" back in late February through Peaceville Records. Satyricon on the other hand, are preparing to unleash a self-titled effort on September 10, marking the eighth release in band's opus.  
Weston Coppola Cage, a black metal musician and the son of Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage recently revealed that his father is in fact a fan of the infamous genre. While chatting with Illogical Contraption, Weston singled out Darkthrone and Satyricon as his dad's personal favorites, saying that the "Ghost Rider

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Abigail Williams announces their upcoming U.S. tour dates which will take them through the month of  January  covering many cities from the midwest to the northeast. They will be out promoting there newest album "Becoming" and other great songs from there previous masterpieces. Be sure to go out and support our very own U.S.B.M. band Abigail Williams.

On tour with Abigail Williams is Canada's own symphonic black metal band Erimha. Supporting there newest album "Reign Through Immortality". Which is available Now through Victory Records by going to there facebook page www.victoryrecords.com/merch/erimha  . These black metallers from Montreal have been around since February 2009 and have proven they can produce some of the best black metal in today's genre. Be sure to go support them.

Be sure to support all you local bands opening up for these legends of Black Metal.


Humanity Plague Productions


Some news to report - Deacon Krag Daggon has decided to part ways with Bahimiron and carry his chaos to other endevours - he leaves on his own accord and on good terms with hails and gun salutes.. Our newest memeber on guitars is Milton "Moon" Luna, who is also part of the terror covens ADUMUS, IMPRECATION, THORNSPAWN and MORBUS 666.. We greet this veteran with body armor and rifle to carry the BAHIMIRON terror division forward.. new material will start to conjure in the next few months.. 

   Winterrealm Records

DARK ANGEL AND TRIPTYKON Added To             Maryland Deathfest XIV

Maryland Deathfest, the biggest metal party of the year in the US, has announced more bands for the fourteenth iteration of the Memorial Day weekend party they throw ever year in Baltimore. The new round of bands includes a Dark Angel reunion, Triptykon's only US date this year and more. Here's the full listing of announced bands: (more...)

 RELEASE DATE JAN 10th, 2014 Download NOW the Black Metal Allegiance first compilation called Gathering of Shadows Volume 1. Featuring Black Metal Gods Horna. This compilation is put together with 15 of the some of the greatest underground Black Metal bands from around the world. Coming from countries in North America, Europe, South America and Asia. This compilation will be downloaded from the Black Metal Allegiance bandcamp site for FREE!!!! So share this posting with the masses. The Gathering of Shadows is here!!!!!!!!!!
This is just the beginning of the black evil.......

In support of "Djevelmakt", KAMPFAR are proud to announce the Spreading the Plague MMXIV tour. After a year with one single live appearance only the band is eager to launch the new songs in a killer live set that'll also be studded with old hits from their catalogue, and will hit the road in March/April 2014.  (more...)

                   BLACKMASS                         announces new vocalist and bassist joins the band in time to start there new album due out in 2014

Vintras presented as new vocalist

Blackmass Horde proudly to present the new frontman: Vintras (ex Opus Inferii) was selected after some recorded tests.The new vocalist join in the band in early 2014 to begin recording the new album, as yet untitled.

Blackmass new bassist

Blackmass Horde announces Lord Malicious as new bassist, who will record  the next album (untitled yet). Lord Malicious was selected after the band decides to have 2 guitars on the frontline and moves D.Katharsis to the lead guitar.



  • Nemesis3:48
  • Night Of 1000 Deaths5:39
  • Todestrieb6:22
  • Fertilis Mortem4:32
  • Reaping With Curses & Plague5:12
  • PsychoPath4:11
  • Enthroned Luciferian Kingdom from Goat Serpent6:55


COMING SOON      Black Metal from Greece . The first full length by Virus of Koch called Lux et Veritas. 8 songs of pure esoteric black magic for the blackest of hearts. Limited copies. Stayed tuned for release dates.